Monday, December 31, 2018


Beautiful male Cardinal on our Christmas morning nature walk. 
The Christmas spirit hit me early this year, around the beginning of November. I blame the free preview of the "W" TV Channel and all the Christmas movies. Did you watch any? Did you notice how everything was decorated, and everyone was always drinking something out of a Christmas mug? I was ready to decorate the house earlier then ever before, and the Christmas CD's came out a little earlier too.

I've always loved the month of December, all the gatherings with friends and family, the pretty lights, the music, the seasonal treats....

I always aim to have my gifts bought, and the parcels and cards sent to family and friends by December 1st. Except for a bit of baking and wrapping, I can really enjoy all the fun and festivities of the month.

Here's a little glimpse into our Christmas.

Due to the influence of the "W" Channel's Christmas movies, even the kitchen cupboards got decked out for the holidays this year!! And I became obsessed with getting red, snowflake mugs! A trip to the Hallmark Store solved that obsession. See them on the counter?

I still send and love receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I tape them up around the house, and every time I walk in the room it's like receiving Christmas greetings.

 We haven't had a big tree since adopting Merry & Molly, as Molly has a tendency to eat things she shouldn't. Even without the big tree, the living-room is festive and cozy.

 In the wee hours of December 24th, 3:30am to be exact, I woke Rob up to see if he wanted to go looking for Snowy Owls close to home. I hadn't yet seen one this season. We had success and a memorable adventure.

 Merry and Molly checking out the gifts. Goofy was a gift and will be coming to Orlando with me in 2019.

Just like when I was a child, Santa Claus stuffs our stocking and leaves one present, Mrs Claus leaves another, usually clothes. This year we got tee's for our Las Vegas trip in March.

 This was the first time we went for a nature walk on Xmas morning. We really enjoyed it, and it was a nice surprise to see our Turkey in a tree while on our walk. We've seen him a few times in the area.

Rob being silly with his niece, Madison, while at his parents for Christmas dinner. 

We had a great few days together and I'm a little blue that it's all over for another year. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season.

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