Friday, December 14, 2018


Getting up close with some spider species at the ROM.
Last Saturday, December 8th, Rob and I had a bit of a date day. We headed town down late morning to check out a new restaurant, to be followed by a visit to the "Spiders- Fear and Fascination" exhibit at the ROM.

First up was lunch at "Storm Crow Manor", hailed the nerdiest bar in Canada, us two nerds were pretty pumped about checking it out. It's in an old mansion, and all the rooms have different themes and are decorated from top to bottom. Whether it's Star Trek or Star Wars, Horror or Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, there is something for everyone, and so much more. And on top of that, the food is good too! Definitely check out their menu online if you visit their website. We look forward to a return visit.

We could of took thousands of pictures during our visit, as it's like a nerd museum, and everywhere you look there is something! Here are a few of the pics we did take.

The "Beholder", a Dungeons and Dragons character hung over the fireplace in our room.  
Going down the stairs to the washrooms. 
One of the many cool bathroom doors.
Enjoying a "ButterBeer !"
Sign on the wall. 
One of  the bars, this one is a replica from the horror movie, "The Shining."  
The upstairs Marvel Bathroom!
After a delicious, filling and entertaining lunch we walked over to the Royal Ontario Museum. Spiders - Fear and Fascination runs until January 6th, 2019. The exhibit features many live spiders from all over the world, displays, demonstrations and interactive activities. Hard to take pics though, as no flash was allowed. My favorite was the Peacock Spider from Australia. He's a good looking spider, but small, and the video of him doing his dance to attract a female was highly entertaining!
Don't be scared, it's a picture!   
I found one of these Weaver spiders for Rob this summer. (not to size, LOL!)
List of Toronto's top ten spider species. 
Me in the spider cave, what's on my head?!
Live "Goliath Birdeater" Spider, this baby was big!
Yes, there was a Spider-man display.
And I encourage you to watch this video of the courtship dance of the adorable Peacock Spider.

Peacock Spider,  Google Image - Isn't he something?!
It was a great day!

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