Friday, August 30, 2019


Rob, Tariq, and I with a few Star Wars characters. 
Rob and I both booked Friday off last weekend to attend Fan Expo Canada. We hadn't been in a few years and were both looking forward to going. I was thrilled to hear Rob's long time friend, Tariq was going to meet us there as it's been years since I'd seen him too.

We didn't do any celebrity photo-ops or panels, but chose to browse the exhibits and displays. We both enjoyed watching a number of children get sorted into their houses by the "Sorting Hat" in the Family Zone.

This Hufflepuff is ready for Hogwarts!
Without a doubt our favorite part of Fan Expo and Comic Con's are the cosplayers. I love seeing the fans dressed up, and so many of them put in such hard work to making some unbelievable outfits. I also love that cosplay organizations like the 501st Legion and Ontario Ghostbusters set up elaborate displays and raise money for charities. 

I found a friendly Storm Trooper!
We met Violet Love in 2014  (click date) when I almost ran her down, I got overly excited when I saw her, as she was dressed as Vampirella, one of Rob's favs. She now has a huge fan base and a booth of her own at these shows, and we are always happy to see her. She remembers us fondly, as it's probably not often a wife is throwing her husband at her for photo ops. LOL! 

Rob with Violet. She makes all her own costumes. 
Tariq was happy to meet "Wonder Woman". 
The Lego creations at this years event were amazing!

Aqua Man!
Rob inside the Millennium Falcon cockpit.
You never know who you are going to see "cosplayed" at these event's and the following are a few of my favs from Friday.

We both thought "Fat Thor" from Avengers's End Game was awesome and unique!
First time seeing a Ghost Rider at one of these events, I was thrilled!
We've seen these Hobbits before, but what an awesome costume!
It was a long day with lots of walking, but so much fun. New discovery this year was Deadly Grounds Coffee which provided a much needed afternoon boost. The blends we tried were wickedly good, and we plan on visiting their cafe when we are on vacation next month.

I also scored a couple original Sabrina comics for my collection! Looking forward to next year, maybe I'll even dress up!

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NicoleCorrado said...

You both look so happy at Fan Expo! That place is a lot of fun. Everyone can be themselves at Fan Expo.