Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Destroyer entertaining at "Taste of the Kingsway", Sept. 8th, 2019
September 8th, 2018, Rob and I attended "Taste of the Kingsway" for the first time. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we went for one reason, to see the ultimate Kiss cover band, Destroyer. We had a grand time. When we heard they were playing again this year we knew we were going to attend.

Sunday, September 8th, 2019, as we were walking towards the stage where Destroyer would be performing at 4:30pm we hear someone calling Rob's name from across the street. Three friends that Rob hadn't seen since high school, Cecil, Robin and another Rob. Awesome surprise for Rob and we enjoyed the Destroyer performance together.

Robin and I rocking out a little closer to the stage. 
Talking to "The Demon" (Moe) after the show.

Robin with "The Spaceman"(Michael).

It was a great show.
This year mark's Destroyer's 25th Anniversary. They are super talented muscian's and put on a very entertaining show. They are playing a club in our area in December, and we all plan on attending.

"Starchild" (Ian), waves goodbye has he heads to his car.

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NicoleCorrado said...

Looks so fun! The makeup, and music really rocks!