Friday, March 20, 2009


In keeping with yesterdays theme of my 20th anniversary of living in Toronto, I compiled a couple lists; what I'm grateful to Toronto for, and what I miss about living in Nova Scotia.


1. Rob
2. My wonderful circle of girlfriends.
3. Having a job that suits me and my lifestyle. (been there 15 years this year!)
4. The opportunity to see all the bands I loved as a teenager and still listen too.
5. The night life and restaurants. There is always some great play or show to attend!


1. My parents and family. ( I have no family in Toronto, and that can be hard sometimes)
2. The fresh seafood! (I eat seafood everyday when I'm down home)
3. The laid-back nature and friendliness of it's people.
4. Lighthouses, the ocean and salt air (yeah, I know that's 3, but they kinda go together)
5. Lupins, one of my favorite flowers that grow wild there. (pictured)

I'm not one of those Maritimers who bad mouths the city and can't wait to return to my maritime province. I love where I grew up, and I enjoy going home every year for a visit, but I am always happy to return to my life in Toronto. I have no plans to live in Nova Scotia again, so I guess I will always be a Maritimer living in Ontario. I guess I get the best of both worlds.


Pam Scott said...

What I'm grateful for Toronto for:

1. My lovely cousin, Angie, who's like a sister.
2. The Toronto General for fixing my husband's heart.
3. A lovely place to visit.

What I miss about NS:

1. Family & friends
2. The ocean, lighthouse and salt air (I agree they have to go together)
3. The laid-back nature & the people.

It is nice to be in both worlds. NB is a lovely place where I lay my head and I do enjoy my life here. The friends I have here are wonderful and make this place home. But I do miss NS.

You're making my homesick, Angie! Good thing I'm going home soon.

Teena in Toronto said...

I miss the water!

Nice seeing you tonight :)