Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love birthday cake!
After the festivities of Saturday night I wanted a pretty quiet birthday spent mostly at home. Here's how I spent my 43rd birthday in pictures.

I woke up to a pile of presents from Rob and the critters.  
Fuzzy Butt, AKA Meadow wanted to play with the wrappings.
I decided to wrap her.
Meadow wasn't a fan of the bow.
I received lots of great gifts.
We tape up our birthday cards for a week following the big day.
Brunch at Dr. Generosity's! I had already eaten half my omelet when I remembered to take a picture.
We went down to "fledge watch" after brunch for an hour. This is O'Connor, Mama to 4 chicks this year. The Peregrine Falcon nest site is close to us, and we sponsor it.
Rob and his princess hanging in the backyard where we spent most of the afternoon.
The birds enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard too.
An unexpected gift, a baby Blue Jay in the backyard!  First time seeing one.
Mommy Blue Jay was never far away. Feeding the baby here.
It's becoming a tradition for me to have lobster rolls on my birthday.
My third birthday cake!
I ended my birthday by Skyping with my brother, sister-in law and two nieces!

I had a great day and am looking forward to a great 43rd year!

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Dan said...

Gee Angie, I would have never thought you were older than mid-thirties.

I guess its all that East coast loving. ;-)

Happy birthday!