Sunday, June 24, 2012


Enjoying a cold Keith's in the beer tent.
This past weekend at Toronto's Harbourfront was the "Redpath Waterfront Festival", promoting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I was really looking forward to it, and was joined by my good friends Jenn and Darlene right after work to go. Jenn's husband, Darron, joined us a little later, as did my friend/co-worker, Sabrina. We all had a great time enjoying the East Coast music, beer, food and products. Hoping this event comes to Toronto every summer!

The entrance to the festival.
Sand Turtle.
Sand Lobster.
Not the Blue Nose, but it still looked nice.
The "Saltscapes General Store" where I picked up some products made in Nova Scotia.
They were selling "Farmers Dairy" ice-cream!
Jenn and Darlene enjoying an ice-cream.
Jenn and Darlene being silly.
Do you know your tartans?
They were even selling Bird Houses!
These chairs were for sale too, but they were scattered around the grounds for use.
East Coast cooking demonstrations went on through-out the day. 
The Kilted Chef.
Lobster in a box!
With directions!
The food tents were right along the water.
The Seafood Chowder was delicious, Jenn enjoyed 2 bowls!
Jenn tried a Lobster Roll for the first time, she liked it!
I ordered my subscription to Saltscapes Magazine while there.
Being a little silly.
Darlene's turn!
We all had a Keith's in honour of Mom.
Like any good Maritimer, we spent most of our time in the beer tent enjoying the live East Coast music.
This guy felt right at home.
It was a grand time! You could almost smell the salt air......almost.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Alas, the weekend was too busy and I couldn't fit it in :(