Sunday, June 17, 2012


They make an awesome Riesling!
Rob and I have a few "road trips" planned for the summer, and we did our first one yesterday. The "plan" was to go to Beamsville to a winery, have lunch there and come home.

We had tried to find "Angel's Gate Winery" a few years back, but had no luck. This time we had no problem finding it, having proper directions helps.

My first look at the winery.
Pretty pond along the way to the winery.
It's not just pretty, it's a home too!
The entrance to the winery.
Waiting for Rob at the doorway.
Hurry up Rob!!!
Riesling, my favourite!
We didn't realize until we got there how close the winery was to the quaint village of Jordan. We decided to go there for lunch after my wine purchases. I had been wanting to visit Jordan since last Fall, when we drove through it after our first visit to the "Owl Foundation". We weren't disappointed and will definitely be going back.

We had lunch here, and will again.
I had garlic wine mussels with a warm mushroom spinach salad with goat cheese.
My delicious salad. Rob had a bacon swiss burger with salad.
Great place for an awesome meal!
After lunch we walked through the village and browsed the shops. It's a great place to spend a day; lovely little shops to visit, a museum, a pathway along the river, fruit and vegetable markets, lots of wineries and great places to eat.

Cave Springs make a great Riesling too!
    Our waitress at Jordan Tavern recommended an ice-cream shop, so we had dessert there after our walk.

Yummy home-made ice-cream!
Rob enjoying his white chocolate ice-cream, I had honey lavender, both were delicious.
A purchase at one of the shops, we love it!
 It was a great day, and I highly recommend this area for a road trip, we're already looking forward to visiting again.


Teena in Toronto said...

We had a bottle of their Reisling at Piola Wednesday night ... yum!

Dan said...

It's nice to get away and spoil ourselves.

Day trip'n is fun!

barbara.north said...

Glad to see you had a good day trip. Angel's Gate is on my list of wineries to visit! Another great one we went to is called Featherstone where they have sheep pruning the bottom of the vines. Great bistro there too. Last weekend we visited Vineland Estates, good view of the lake from their outdoor patio. Bought some reisling which should be good but haven't tried it yet.