Sunday, June 10, 2012


Celebrating my 43rd birthday.
This year for my birthday I did something I haven't done in years, went to a bar to dance. My friends and I gathered at "Hollywood on the Queensway" for an evening of fun.

We ate, drank, danced and laughed. I have a wonderful circle of friends, and would like to thank them all for making my 43rd birthday a memorable one.

Below are a few pictures of the evening, enjoy.

Some of the party goers and me.
Murray and Debbie came from the other end of the city to attend, was great to see them.
Rob and I had our first slow dance at a bar last night.
Anita and I doing a shooter.
Friends mixing and mingling.
Our birding buddies, Jim & Lynda.
Amanda and I on the dance floor.
  It was a great night!