Friday, February 6, 2009


The other night instead of heading home, I decided to stay in Bloor West Village to run some errands and have dinner before my physio appointment.

I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Dr. Generosity, to enjoy a good meal by myself. I don't mind eating out alone, though I always have a book for company. The restaurant was quite quiet, being mid-week, and a little early for most diners.

I was seated next to a couple, a Mom and teenage daughter, or at least I'm assuming this. After being seated, I happened to glance over at them, and what I saw saddened me. The mother was on her cell phone, and the daughter was texting on her blackberry. This continued the whole sixty plus minutes I was there, even through their meal! I didn't see or hear them exchange one word.

As someone who only sees her Mother once a year, how happy I would be, to be able to sit across from her and share a meal and conversation more often. I guess this type of appreciation comes with age and distance.

I realize that technology has its place in society, but I also feel there are some places it needs to be left in your purse; restaurants, movie theatres, the transit system. People need to start talking again, to the people who are with them in the moment. I sometimes wonder if people are so afraid of being alone with their own thoughts that they are constantly chatting or texting someone. How sad.

When I realized I was starting to e-mail my friends more then call them, I made an effort to change that. If I'm home alone, and I haven't seen someone in a while, I call them to catch up.
Hearing your friends laughter at the other end of the line is no replacement for "LOL", no matter how many times you type it.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Cell phones definitely annoy me. I rarely have mine turned on.

I can't say I'm much of a phone person. I never call anyone. I'd rather see them in person, I guess.

It was nice of you to call last week ... that's the longest phone call I've had in a long time. Ha!