Sunday, February 15, 2009


Rob and I don't really do "Valentines Day", what I mean is, we normally don't go out for an expensive dinner, buy each other expensive presents, nor do I get a big bouquet of flowers. In the past I've always made a nice dinner, we exchange cards and a small gift. Ok, after reading that, I guess we do, "do valentines day", just in our own way, but this year was a little different.

We decided to go out for dinner this year, because Valentines Day happened to fall on a Saturday (just like our very first one together), and because it happens to be a long weekend, and we normally go out for dinner on long weekends to give me a break from cooking. We went to "Snug Harbour" in Port Credit. We had planned on going there last month, but a snow storm kept us away. We had been there for lunch before but never dinner. It's a nice but casual restaurant on the water.

We had a nice water view table. The sun was just starting to set when we arrived and it was very pretty. We were having a drink, sharing some appetizers and talking when we noticed some activity on the water. We saw lots of Canada Geese, about 10 Swans, a few Mallard Ducks, and something we had not seen before, Bufflehead's!

When Rob and I see a new bird together it is always exciting for us. We had fun watching the 3 or 4 males (pictured, the females are grey-brown) diving for food and swimming around. Their appearance made our Valentines day dinner just a little more special.

After coming home we exchanged cards and a small gift, but I know we both will remember the Bufflehead's most, and think of seeing them as an unique gift for the two of us. I wouldn't be surprised if we made an annual Valentines day outing to the Port Credit harbour to see them, because in my mind, the Bufflehead will always be my Valentine Bird.

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Teena in Toronto said...

We've been to Snug Harbour ... it's a nice place to spend Valentine's Day!